Chiropractic Testimonials

Chiropractic Macon GA Jerry W testimonial

"I was suffering from degenerative disc, chronic low back pain and radiating pain for several years. The pain was terrible. I sought treatment through an orthopedist, but the anti-inflammatories and pain pills didn't help much at all. I had serious doubts about chiropractic. I believed that they were all quacks, until I met Dr. John.

After I committed to care, I received results immediately after the first adjustment.

My low back pain has declined significantly, and I no longer have to take hydrocodone in an attempt to relieve the pain.

My entire family consisting of my wife, son, and two daughters are also under chiropractic care. They have other health concerns such as ADHD, allergies, and asthma. They all have experienced results, as well.

The staff and doctor have become friends and family. Every visit is a pleasure for my whole family. Love this place and the people. I am now 100% confident in chiropractic care, and I pretty much tell everyone I can."

- Jerry W.

Chiropractic Macon GA Emma testimonial

"When Emma was born, her delivery progressed very quickly in its final stages. Due to her quick descent in the pelvic cavity, she had slight facial bruising when she was born. Within the first days of Emma's life she was experiencing GERD.

After almost every feeding she would projectile vomit the breast milk she had just received. We also noticed that she did not want to rotate her head much, and generally stayed in one position.

We knew immediately she needed to be checked by a neurologically based chiropractor. On day 6 of her life, she was adjusted for the first time. The top bone in her neck had become misaligned during the birthing process. It was properly adjusted and we began to watch Emma's body heal and function the way it was designed to. We saw an immediate response to the GERD, and over the following few days noticed an increased range of motion with rotation of her head. Within one week after her initial adjustment, she no longer had symptoms of GERD and had full mobility in her neck."

- Ryan and Brittany M. (Emma's Parents)

Emma is a living testament to the importance of chiropractic care in children. Her body is a self-healing and self-regulating organism, just like yours and mine. Always remember, the power that made the body heals the body!

Chiropractic Macon GA Barbara testimonial

"I have been suffering from pain in my hips, legs, and neck for over 10 years. I’ve also been battling high blood pressure, high blood sugar, and osteoarthritis. Throughout this time I had seen an orthopedist, physical therapist, and multiple medical doctors.

About a month before I began care at Renovation Chiropractic, I was even hospitalized for 4 days due to a dangerous spike in my blood pressure.

Upon receiving neurologically-based chiropractic care I originally thought it would help with the pain, but I didn’t know I would see other health improvements this early. I also didn’t expect to see changes in my medications……but, I did!

Within 1 month I have seen a decrease in my blood pressure, blood sugar, and pain level. The best part is that my arthritis, blood pressure, and diabetes medications have been reduced by half!!!! Also, I no longer have tinnitus in my right ear. The chiropractic care I received in the past was scary, and it did not help. I feel blessed to have found this practice. Dr. John is very professional and friendly. He takes time to answer questions and explains what is going on. I definitely recommend his care to others. I have referred my neighbor who has been suffering from headaches, as well as several other friends."

- Barbara M.

Chiropractic Macon GA Kinsey Q testimonial

"My husband and I had been trying to conceive for the better part of a year. It seemed like everywhere we looked; friends and family were getting pregnant and having children. We, on the other hand, were having trouble and couldn’t figure out why.

After nine months, I finally went to visit a medical doctor. He told me everything looked fine physically; I should give it two months if we still were not pregnant, to come back and he would run tests on both my husband and me.

Two months after this appointment, I decided to finally visit a neurologically based chiropractor, before going back to the medical doctor. Friends had been telling me for quite some time that I should try it, but I was always skeptical. However, at this point, we thought chiropractic would be our last attempt before trying interventions.

After looking at my scans and X-rays with the doctor, I had a really good feeling that this was what I was waiting for. All of my scans showed scientific proof of what seemed to be off with me. My hormonal and reproductive systems were out of sync.

It was about a month and a half after regularly getting adjusted, that I finally got the positive. It was hard to believe, but here we are six months later, with a beautiful baby girl on the way! I am now a firm believer in neurologically based chiropractic and would always recommend it as a first option."

- Kinsey Q.

Chiropractic Macon GA Donna T testimonial

"Before coming to Renovation Chiropractic, I was suffering from migraine headaches 2-3 times per week and constant, severe neck pain. Upon receiving neurological based chiropractic care I no longer suffer from any neck pain or reoccurring migraines. In fact, I have only experienced one very minor headache since beginning care.

I am extremely happy! I was also able to eliminate the prescription drug I was having to take every day.

Initially, I had my doubts about neurologically-based chiropractic but I had already seen my medical doctor, tried physical therapy, was referred to a neurologist, and had been prescribed multiple medications. In fact, my medications were switched so many times that I was actually hospitalized because of the side effects.

I didn't believe that anything as gentle as these treatments would take away migraines. I am very grateful!!! I would recommend Neurologically Based Chiropractic to others who may be suffering. There is nothing to lose in trying if nothing else is working.

The people at this office are wonderful. Amber & Courtney greet you every day with smiles. Dr. John is AWESOME! I love how passionate he is about helping others. The treatments are not painful, but they do wonders! I truly believe finding Dr. John was the miracle I so needed!

I love being migraine and medication-free!!!"

- Donna T.

Chiropractic Macon GA Lydia F testimonial

"I made the decision to begin care at Renovation Chiropractic because I was suffering from constant Sciatica pain for a period of 5 months, and severe neck pain for over a year. The Sciatica pain was so severe I couldn’t sit, or walk for extended periods of time. It was a very uncomfortable condition.

The neck pain was caused by working at my computer 5 days a week for 8 hours at a time.

It would get so bad I would have to stop working and massage my neck. I saw a doctor for the Sciatica pain but was informed that I could only take pain relievers, and it would eventually go away on its own.

After going to see physicians, and going through physical therapy I thought my problems were permanent, and that nothing could help. I remember telling myself, “It’s tennis shoes from now on.” I had my doubts about chiropractic. However, within 4-5 weeks of being under Chiropractic care, the Sciatica pain completely disappeared! Also, Chiropractic solved the constant neck pain. I no longer have to take pain pills or have to go to massage therapy bi-weekly. This alone has saved me a few hundred dollars. Plus, for the first time in over a year, I am able to wear sandals with heels!

Dr. John was very informative and took the time to explain the benefits of Chiropractic care. As well, as discuss how many conditions can be cared for without the use of medications. Dr. John was thorough in explaining what can be expected after beginning care, and also an estimated time frame I could expect to see results if the recommended care plan was followed. The gentle technique he uses is just another reason to try it. I would definitely recommend Chiropractic care to others who are currently suffering, or who are in pain. I am very thankful that Dr. John is in the Warner Robins area!"

- Lydia F.


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